If you want to educate others, you yourself need to be educated. If you want to have any kind of influence on young people, you yourself need to stay young and continuously work on yourself.


Simon Gfeller, Swiss teacher and author (1868 - 1943)


Title: 2nd International Training Weeks Kassel
Start date: 01.04.2019
End date:  - 18.04.2019

High School Education at Steiner Waldorf Schools




Discuss teaching with colleagues from over 30 countries. Be inspired by lectures and subject seminars.


You will find German, English, and bilingual courses.


Conference Fee for weeks I & III of International Training Weeks is 500 Euro.


Please use online registration form on our website: www.lehrerseminar-forschung.de


In case you need reductions, please contact: ammer(at)lehrerseminar-forschung.de


To apply for financial support for travel expenses, please contact: berlin(at)freunde-waldorf.de

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