If you want to educate others, you yourself need to be educated. If you want to have any kind of influence on young people, you yourself need to stay young and continuously work on yourself.


Simon Gfeller, Swiss teacher and author (1868 - 1943)

Teaching Practice

March 2014

Entering a Dialogue

In February 2014 an Upper School Colloquium took place in Dornach. About 30 participants from nine European countries met to discuss the topic “heterogeneity in school with special focus on gender issues”. After looking at some aspects regarding the world in which boys and girls grow up to become men and women, which are currently being discussed...[more]

Category: Gender, Teaching Practice
March 2014

Something More Powerful Than Destiny

Anna Slater, High School teacher in the Philippines, answers our editor's questions. She describes life in a tropical school, her personal challenges and the strength she finds in Steiner's writing. [more]

Category: Teaching Practice
February 2014

Science and Ecology in the Upper School

Every year, a team around Ulrich Wunderlin from Zurich Atelierschule takes class 11 to the French Atlantic Coast on a practicum in interdisciplinary marine biology. The students deepen the direct observation and experience of natural phenomena through their own research. One student describes the practicum as “an unforgettable experience which...[more]

Category: Science, Teaching Practice
February 2014

Social-Emotional Education and Waldorf Education

Schools today are asked to strengthen the young people's self so that they are able to emerge from adolescence as self-directed, emotionally stable, social beings; a task which once belonged to the community—to church, family, and neighborhood life. How can schools fulfill this need? In this paper, David Mitchell proposes a social-emotional...[more]

Category: Curriculum Overview, Teaching Practice
October 2013

Creativity and Transformation in Language Learning and Teaching

In his lecture at the First World Conference for Language Teachers, Peter Lutzker describes the differences between teaching to standardized curricula and creative, humanistic alternatives. Taking a Sufi story and an account by Oliver Sacks as points of departure, he traces the roots of a deep interest in the other and an openness and receptivity...[more]

Category: Second Languages, Teaching Practice
October 2007

Creating a Sense of Wonder in Chemistry

Wonder is an experience which blossoms in the soul when one is suddenly surprised and amazed by the attentive consideration of something rare, astonishing, and extraordinary. When we feel wonder we feel enlivened through our own vitality and feel a direct connection with an archetypal spark in the Universe. Wonder is the seed of knowledge.[more]

Category: Science, Teaching Practice
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