The most important thing for which we can prepare a child is the experience of freedom, at the right moment in life, through the understanding of one's own being.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Teaching Practice

May 2020

Distance learning from the perspective of Waldorf learning theory

Given the current lockdown and the enforced need for distance learning at home, it is worth thinking about what the principles of learning are from a Waldorf perspective. In the past few years I have sought to articulate a learning theory for Waldorf education, something that only a few others have attempted, notably Jost Schieren and Peter...[more]

Category: Distance Learning, Teaching Practice
April 2020

Phenomenological approaches in physics lessons

The teaching of physics in Waldorf education has a phenomenological approach. This raises specific methodological and epistemological questions. Here you will find the article "Teaching Physics Phenomenologically" by Wilfried Sommer from 2019.[more]

Category: Science, Teaching Practice
April 2020

Some guiding ideas on the current situation in schools

We are currently in an exceptional international situation in which schools worldwide are closed for the time being. Therefore we have to switch to online learning, especially in the upper school, where it is necessary, and at the same time we need to create a balance, because it is not part of the quality of Waldorf education to work so much with...[more]

Category: Distance Learning, Teaching Practice
April 2020

We can manage in all circumstances: use modern technology and design simply daily home schedule

We live in unexpectedly unreal times. This coronavirus crisis totally affects life in most countries in the world. As Waldorf teachers, we never thought that schools should be closed, and that we would be separated from our children.[more]

Category: Distance Learning, Teaching Practice
April 2020

School in Times of Corona. Some suggestions

Over the past few weeks, various schools have asked for help with overcoming the corona crisis without schooling. The advice given was useful. However, it should be kept in mind that every school’s situation is different. Many points of view were addressed, but due to the seriousness of the matter, they are not written in a drafted text, but...[more]

Category: Distance Learning, Teaching Practice
April 2020

Teaching profession a relationship profession. New qualities in relationships possible?

We find ourselves living in an extraordinary situation. In many parts of the world, work and private life have changed out of all recognition in the last few days. Many things seem to be uncertain and unpredictable. We are all now called to be very open and flexible, and to find inner strength and power.[more]

Category: Distance Learning, Teaching Practice
March 2020

BLOG: School in times of Corona

With many ideas and suggestions on the topics 'homeschooling' and 'teachers meetings'![more]

Category: Teaching Practice
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