For what is really the most inwardly beautiful thing in the world? Surely it is the growing, developing human being.


Rudolf Steiner, Human Values in Education, Lecture X

Teaching Practice

March 2017

Of Hydrochloric Acid und Nitrogen: Teaching Chemistry – A Beginners Guide

In 2013 Dirk Rohde published a teacher's resource book called Chemistry Reader on how to establish chemistry teaching at Waldorf schools. The handbook has been written especially for beginners and covers chemistry in grades 7 to 12. We are publishing the complete Chemistry Reader here as a pdf document, with kind permission by Dr. Rohde.[more]

Category: Teaching Practice, Science
February 2017

Developing Pedagogical Quality – but how?

Thomas Stöckli and his team at the Institute for Action Research in Switzerland have developed a method to develop the educational quality of teaching. There is now quite a number of helpful methods for quality evaluation at Waldorf schools but these focus primarily on the development and evaluation of management structures. They do not consider...[more]

Category: Self Development, Teaching Practice, Assessment
February 2017

On the Back of the Turtle. Culture and Waldorf Education

The Waldorf movement is becoming more and more international. There are already more than a thousand schools and eighteen hundred kindergartens in over seventy countries worldwide. The latest pioneers can be found in Myanmar, Greece and Turkey. (1) This is why we are increasingly concerned with questions on culture, even though such questions have...[more]

Category: Teaching Practice, Culture
January 2017

Waldorf education: a continuous cycle of renewal

For many people the Waldorf Curriculum (whatever they understand by this term) is integral to the definition of Waldorf education. They think a school is Waldorf (or is a Steiner school) if it uses the Waldorf curriculum. However, things are not so simple. This article by Martyn Rawson has been published as foreword of the Chinese edition of “The...[more]

Category: Teaching Practice, Culture
November 2016

Creation of new Waldorf festivals based on local conditions

As a multiculturally interested Waldorf class teacher, it was my wish to contribute with a master's thesis at the RSUC Oslo to the interculturalism of the Waldorf movement. The latter is now firmly established on every continent, in various cultures and in more than three major world religions. The idea for an appropriate research focus was...[more]

Category: Teaching Practice, Community, Culture
November 2016

English Week in China

In no other country has the Waldorf movement developed as fast as in the People's Republic of China. In 2011 there was just one Waldorf school in Chengdu; three years later there were already 51 schools. Today, the movement includes over 70 schools and over 300 kindergartens. Christoph Jaffke reports here from the 2016 English Week in China.[more]

Category: Teaching Practice, Second Languages
October 2016

Celebrating Shakespeare’s Work

London, this Spring, has received thousands of visitors from across the globe to celebrate Shakespeare’s work. As one festival organiser writes, "The celebration of Shakespeare’s work is a continuous and growing joy for theatre-goers, actors, students, and scholars. The 400th anniversary of his death gives us an additional opportunity to focus our...[more]

Category: Teaching Practice, Drama
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