For what is really the most inwardly beautiful thing in the world? Surely it is the growing, developing human being.


Rudolf Steiner, Human Values in Education, Lecture X


June 2016

International English Week

Spring is now here to stay, which means that the time has come to invite you to the English week from Sunday, October 30th – Friday, November 4th , 2016 in beautiful, historic Haus Altenberg. This will be a very special conference and we have a great programme planned to celebrate the official founding of the English Week Association. [more]

Cat: Teaching Practice, First Language, Second Languages
June 2016

Sharing ideas & enthusiasm! Magazine for creative language teachers and parents at Steiner schools.

If you are a new language teacher or parent at a Steiner school or even if you have been teaching for years now you may welcome this magazine that is being made to share experience, enthusiasm and best language teaching practices of the Steiner-Waldorf movement. You may put the questions: “How can I apply Waldorf school methodology in practice?...[more]

Cat: First Language, Second Languages, Teaching Practice
May 2016

Are you living your talk?

Waldorf teachers in China need to balance a „copy-paste“ approach to foreign cultural elements with the search for their own path in order to create their own identity in modern China. We spoke to Ben Cherry, coordinator of the China Waldorf Forum and teacher trainer, about the latest developments in Chinese Waldorf education.[more]

Cat: Teaching Practice
March 2016

Growing students – growing teachers: A conversation with Harlan Gilbert

Even though Harlan is busy teaching various subjects, he finds time to host the online Waldorf Mathematics and Science Teachers Forum. In this interview he offers us a glimpse into his life.[more]

Cat: Teaching Practice, Mathematics, Self Development
February 2016

Child Care for Under Three Year Olds – Experiences and Questions

The Waldorf movement is increasingly faced with the question of external childcare for under three year olds. The author Helle Heckman shows the importance of this type of childcare in today's society. However, her main concern is that childcare has to be based on the needs of the children.[more]

Cat: Early Childhood

AWSNA Summer Conference 2016
Mon 27.06.2016 - Thu 30.06.2016
  Healthy Human Relationships a Foundation for Flourishing Schools   The conscious...
The 17th Annual Summer Music Conference
Sun 10.07.2016 - Fri 15.07.2016
    The Waldorf Music Continuum: How do we meet the developing child through music?...
Am I Faust? Faust Youth Summer Conference at Goetheanum
Mon 25.07.2016 - Fri 29.07.2016
 To Waldorf Schools worldwide:Dear colleagues, dear friends,The Youth Section of the...
What Moves You? 2016
Fri 29.07.2016 - Sun 28.08.2016
International Youth Eurythmy Event Summer 2016 in Berlin, Germany For more information go to WHAT...
Bridges Finland - Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture
Tue 09.08.2016 - Sat 13.08.2016
A Collaborative Effort by The University of Jyväskylä and Bridges Organization     The...
Thu 29.09.2016 - Tue 29.11.2016
What is WOW-Day? Waldorf students help other Waldorf students worldwide.   WOW stands for...
Internationale Deutsch-Woche 2016
Mon 17.10.2016 - Fri 21.10.2016
Seit 1986, also seit nunmehr 30 Jahren widmet sich die Internationale Deutsch-Woche der...
Conference for Educational Support Teachers
Sun 23.10.2016 - Wed 26.10.2016
More information
English Week
Sun 30.10.2016 - Fri 04.11.2016
  International English Week Sunday afternoon 30th October to Friday morning 4th November...
XVI. Internationale Tagung für Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer
Mon 31.07.2017 - Fri 04.08.2017
  Die XVI. IDT findet von Montag, den 31.07. bis Freitag, den 04.08.2017 in Freiburg i.Ü. in...



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