For what is really the most inwardly beautiful thing in the world? Surely it is the growing, developing human being.


Rudolf Steiner, Human Values in Education, Lecture X


February 2017

Developing Pedagogical Quality – but how?

Thomas Stöckli and his team at the Institute for Action Research in Switzerland have developed a method to develop the educational quality of teaching. There is now quite a number of helpful methods for quality evaluation at Waldorf schools but these focus primarily on the development and evaluation of management structures. They do not consider...[more]

Cat: Self Development
February 2017

On the Back of the Turtle. Culture and Waldorf Education

The Waldorf movement is becoming more and more international. There are already more than a thousand schools and eighteen hundred kindergartens in over seventy countries worldwide. The latest pioneers can be found in Myanmar, Greece and Turkey. (1) This is why we are increasingly concerned with questions on culture, even though such questions have...[more]

Cat: Teaching Practice, Culture
January 2017

Waldorf education: a continuous cycle of renewal

For many people the Waldorf Curriculum (whatever they understand by this term) is integral to the definition of Waldorf education. They think a school is Waldorf (or is a Steiner school) if it uses the Waldorf curriculum. However, things are not so simple. This article by Martyn Rawson has been published as foreword of the Chinese edition of “The...[more]

Cat: Teaching Practice, Culture
December 2016

A CALL TO ACTION: NO to Digital Kindergartens YES to constructive educational investments!

Those who have signed this petition are concerned about the healthy development of future generations. They want to actively support constructive educational investments in kindergartens, child care programs and pre-schools and intend to develop a network to move forward quickly and convincingly with this initiative. What is the initiative about?[more]

Cat: Early Childhood
December 2016

Given the Night – Part II

Here, we continue exploring a short practice which is based on a lecture by Rudolf Steiner on October 10th 1918 (1). It is a kind of retrospective exercise which includes the following steps: Shortly after waking up in the morning, pause for a moment for a brief review of the morning, the night and the evening. Imagine yourself going back in time...[more]

Cat: Self Development

9th International Refresher Course Week
Fri 07.04.2017 - Thu 13.04.2017
Easter 2017 Main Focus Class 11   The 9th International Refresher Course Week will focus on...
Pan African Waldorf Teachers Conference
Sat 08.04.2017 - Wed 12.04.2017
  Theme: “Unfolding Future Human Potential” With Clara Aerts, Florian Osswald, Martyn Rawson,...
Conference for Teacher Educators South Africa
Sat 08.04.2017
  Invitation to all Waldorf Teacher Educators in South Africa   We are inviting you to...
International Students’ Conference
Tue 18.04.2017 - Sat 22.04.2017
„Challenges Of Our Time – Seeking For A Global Consciousness By Facing Myself“ is the topic for the...
Conference for Teacher Educators Asia
Wed 26.04.2017 - Fri 28.04.2017
  Invitation to all Waldorf Teacher Educators in Asia   We are inviting you to take part...
Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference
Sat 29.04.2017 - Fri 05.05.2017
Annual European Waldorf Parents Conference 2017
Fri 05.05.2017 - Mon 08.05.2017
Dear Waldorf Steiner friends!   We proudly announce the annual meeting of European Steiner...
AWSNA Summer Conference
Mon 26.06.2017 - Thu 29.06.2017
  We are delighted to announce the dates for AWSNA's 2017 Summer Conference.   The...



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