The most important thing for which we can prepare a child is the experience of freedom, at the right moment in life, through the understanding of one's own being.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)


October 2014

Transitions in the Human Temporal Organism (Part Two)

The observation exercises for the powers of transformation at the transition points of the third and the sixth/seventh year lead from the actual physical encounters to the perception of an individual “melody of development”. (See Journal of the Pedagogical Section, Nr. 50). The characteristics of the child's inner being show in the child's...[more]

Category: Foundations
September 2014

Transitions as Developmental Dynamics between Dissolution and Re-Birth (Part One)

Day by day the child lives and matures through the interaction between physical growth, the development of soul qualities and sensory impressions. Claus-Peter Röh investigates these interactive movements in connection with phases of consolidation, focusing particularly on the three and the seven year old child. Part one and two of this article can...[more]

Category: Foundations, Early Childhood
August 2014

The Spiritual Dimension of Waldorf Education

Lecture given to the General Meeting of the Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen, 16 November 2012, in Stuttgart. The spiritual dimension of Waldorf education seems in many ways to be a touchy subject. Why should this be?[more]

Category: Foundations
July 2014

Ten Pylons: Foundations of a Waldorf Approach to Teaching Human Sexuality

This article comes from a new collection of essays entitled Trailing Clouds of Glory: Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth in Waldorf Schools published by Waldorf Publications (forthcoming in 2014) and edited by Douglas Gerwin. This two-volume collection includes essays on general and specific aspects of human sexuality in the...[more]

Category: Foundations, Methodology and Didactics, Teaching Practice
January 2001

The human being as seen by the spiritual science of anthroposophy

Waldorf Education is one fruit of the spiritual science of anthroposophy as depicted by Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925) in very many books and lectures. This short article introduces some of the most basic parameters of Waldorf education.[more]

Category: Foundations
January 2001

Development of the human being from birth to maturity

Moving, speaking and thinking are intimately bound up together in the small child. As the child grows older he or she becomes increasingly capable of utilizing these three main functions independently of one another. The following text explains this process in some detail.[more]

Category: Foundations
January 2001

Implications for teaching

The principal conclusion to be drawn from the anthroposophical view of human development is that all the realms need to be cultivated in ways that are suitable for the age of the children. This is expressed firstly in the wide range of subjects taught at Waldorf Schools. [more]

Category: Foundations
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