The most important thing for which we can prepare a child is the experience of freedom, at the right moment in life, through the understanding of one's own being.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)


April 2020

Waldorf education and social justice

Neil Boland would like to focus on Waldorf education as an education for social justice, to explore how Rudolf Steiner phrased this a century ago and then consider how it can be approached in a twenty-first century context. What the author wants to encourage here is a wider conversation, wider debate on social justice within Waldorf education,...[more]

Category: Foundations
March 2020

Day 6: Educating out of a deeper contemplation of life

Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Urs Dietler[more]

Category: Foundations
March 2020

Three types of attention and activity disorders

We can distinguish three types of children who challenge our social system for very different reasons. It is possible, however, that several categories overlap and combine, for example, premature birth disorders of the nerve-sense system with a pronounced disruption of social relationships in the family and a volitional temperament. The following...[more]

Category: Foundations
March 2020

Day 5: Feeling as the Harmonizing Dancer between Cognition and Will

Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Ben Cherry[more]

Category: Foundations
March 2020

Disorders of attention and childhood activity (ADHD)

How do we find our way from a purely neuro-biological perspective to a fully human one? Disturbances of attention and activity and their associated social behaviors are the most common psychiatric diagnoses in children today in countries with a "Western” lifestyle. The following article (part 1) attempts to develop a differentiated understanding...[more]

Category: Foundations
February 2020

Day 4: Awakening the will towards wholeness

Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Ellen Fjeld Koettker[more]

Category: Foundations
February 2020

Day 3: How do new impulses come into the world?

Thoughts on 'The First Teachers Course'* from Prof. Dr. Jost Schieren[more]

Category: Foundations
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