The most important thing for which we can prepare a child is the experience of freedom, at the right moment in life, through the understanding of one's own being.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)


Title: Asian Teacher Educators Conference
Start date: 06.02.2020
End date:  - 09.02.2020
Organizer: TWEF and Pedagogical Section Dornach
Location: Taiwan


More information:

This is a warm invitation to all teacher educators living and/or working in the Asia–Pacific region. We invite you to join in a conference to work together to clarify and strengthen our intentions, our resourcing and our effectiveness in developing Waldorf Education in this region. We will do this by drawing up guidelines to support our work in the coming years.

*Aims of the conference

This impulse comes from the International Teacher Education Project (ITEP). We will adopt a two-step process.

1.Assessment of where we find ourselves. We are facing fast-changing social dynamics on both regional and global scale. Social, ecological and other problems are so interrelated, many need addressing together in order to make a difference. The conference will include many of the issues affecting the world and society in general but, in particular, those affecting Waldorf education in the Asia–Pacific region.

The Asia-Pacific region has its own developmental timings and dynamics. One characteristic is that the movement is growing extremely quickly and that demand for teacher education is outstripping the ability to respond. How can we as a movement get ahead of this dynamic so its growth is healthy and sustainable?

2.Reshaping of Steiner teacher education and the education of teacher educators.

As educators, we carry the responsibility to help the development of schools in our areas which necessarily means helping individual teachers to change and grow. For our work to be sincere, we ourselves need also to be in a process of change, of self-education, for which self-awareness is crucial.

ITEP has identified eight learning areas for teacher development and characteristics of teacher educators (please refer to the appended document below). Together we need to ask ourselves how each of us works with these fields as a teacher educator, including the question of how we ourselves are prepared for our work. Another question: How can different curriculum areas work together on the national and regional level?
The morning and afternoon workshops invite participants to co-sense the current reality of “what we are” and see what will emerge.

*Future oriented and grounded in cultural roots

100 years ago, Waldorf education began as an answer to the social crises of that time. Now our crisis-landscape extends to the health of the planet and the change of consciousness that will be needed to address this. How can we work together so that Waldorf education can be proactive towards this change?

-The needs of the present time and how that plays out in teacher education,
-What it means for teacher educators to be people of the present day and how to continue to be people of the present day,
-The identity of Waldorf education in Asia,
-The creation of adaptive curriculum content (sensitive to time, place, community).

In the afternoon workshops, there will be fora in which the specific questions of individual Asian regions will be discussed. In the evening session, we propose that participants may share pedagogical approaches on something that is connected with their culture or use the time for free initiatives. The evenings will finish with an artistic performance.

If you are thinking of attending, we warmly suggest you to read “”Finding a Common Language - Educating the Educator” (Pedagogical Section Journal 63, p. 5) and “Aspects of Teacher Education” (Pedagogical Section Journal 65, p. 24) both by Florian Osswald.

For the Taiwanese school movement-Taiwan Waldorf Education Movement Federation (TWEF)
Yiling Chang

For the Pedagogical Section
Florian Osswald


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