If you want to educate others, you yourself need to be educated. If you want to have any kind of influence on young people, you yourself need to stay young and continuously work on yourself.


Simon Gfeller, Swiss teacher and author (1868 - 1943)


Title: The Power of the Word
Start date: 06.10.2017
End date:  - 08.10.2017
Organizer: Audonicon
Location: Audicon, Skanderborg, Denmark

Where does it come from and where does it go?

A conference about language


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It is a great pleasure for us to present the international conference ‘The Power of the Word’.


For many years there has been a vivid focus on speech and language in the pedagogic and also in the social arenas as a way of communicating and also as an artistic expression. There are many poetry readings, poetry slam performances, and storytelling is also very popular.


But what is so important about speech and language? - is it not enough to be able to understand your partner of communication? How does language influence us?


The preparing group has been working with Rudolf Steiner's lectures on language as a part of the human being and as a way to self development, and last but not least about language as a being in itself.

Where does the language come from and where does it go? It is a question we are justified in asking ourselves, when we work with it. And this is what we are going to work with during the conference, practically and artistically and also in the lectures. How can we in a living way work with the language in school, in kindergarten, in the creche and in our every day life?


Language of the conference:

The languages of the conference are German and English: If you do not understand German, it is possible to have the lectures as well as the workshops translated into English. For this purpose we have experienced translaters. Please put a cross against it on your enrollment form.


With kind regards
Stephan Frister Bente Moeller Dorthe Rosendahl 

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