For what is really the most inwardly beautiful thing in the world? Surely it is the growing, developing human being.


Rudolf Steiner, Human Values in Education, Lecture X


Title: The Spirit of English
Start date: 31.07.2017
End date:  - 11.08.2017
Organizer: Anthroposophical Society Great Britain
Location: Rudolf Steiner House, London, Great Britain

Come to London for two weeks in the summer, refresh your English and discover a new connection with the art and culture of Britain!


The Spirit of English summer school includes language classes, artistic activities, talks on painting, architecture and literature, museum and theatre visits. The grammar and language work will be a lively interactive learning process that concentrates on the particular features that make English distinctive as a world language as well as on the characteristics that relate to our spiritual evolution and what Rudolf Steiner called the Consciousness Soul.

To book a place or for more information send an email to andrewjwolpert(at) 

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The Spirit of English
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Come to London for two weeks in the summer, refresh your English and discover a new connection...
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