Lo más grandioso que se puede preparar en el niño es que en los momentos oportunos de la vida, a través de la comprensión de sí mismo, se produzca la experiencia de la libertad.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)


Título: International Early Childhood Conference
Fecha de Inicio: 10.06.2020
Fecha de Finalización:  - 13.06.2020
Organizador: CARE I, Medical and Pedagogical Sektion
Ubicación: Goetheanum Switzerland




The dignity of the child

«I feel good in your eyes»

International early years conference on pregnancy, birth and early childhood

We humans are born immature. The phase of life comprising pregnancy, birth and the first three years is very sensitive. Never again is the human being so much in need of protection and capable of being shaped as in this first period. 

What does the child need right at the start of their life? Trust, being perceived and the continuous presence of a caregiver with empathy who also cushions their anxieties and creates free space for pleasure and play.

What do we companions of these children need so that a secure attachment and good basis for the whole of life can be created?

- If I have trust - I can give trust.

- Whence do I take my trust, my inner assurance?

How can we develop in such a way that the child feels perceived, secure and strengthened in our gaze? An important role is played here in the way we handle fear and anxiety. A healthy dose of fear and anxiety is part of life, they can wake us up and protect us. But in order to shape the future, to be able to give children the space for their development, fear and anxiety must not overwhelm and dominate us. How do we learn to handle fear and anxiety well and transform them?

Today's children will have difficult tasks to solve in their life and require the foundation of a start in life that sustainably strengthens them.

The intensive, mindful collaboration between the various professional groups who deal with this age group provides a great opportunity for the children and families. We want to give an impulse to such interdisciplinary collaboration with this conference which can be taken up in everyday activity in many different places.

We welcome everyone who wishes to work with us on these questions and invite you very warmly to the Goetheanum.

For the preparatory group

Ina von Mackensen Early Childhood Working Group of the Association of Waldorf Kindergartens

Georg Soldner Medical Section at the  Goetheanum

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