Quienes quieran educar a los demás, deben educarse a sí mismos. Quienes quieran influir en los jóvenes, deben mantenerse jóvenes y trabajar incesantemente en sí mismos.

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Título: Waldorf 100 Anniversary Celebration Berlin
Fecha de Inicio: 19.09.2019
Organizador: Waldorf 2019 e.V.
Ubicación: Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany


Anniversary Celebration (Tempodrom)



Waldorf 2019 e.V., Contact person: Svea Zahn


Website: http://www.waldorf-100.org/en


Möckernstraße 10, 10963 Berlin, Germany 


The Celebration in the Tempodrom in Berlin

On September 19, 2019, the worldwide festival will take place - in all kindergartens, schools, teacher training centers or other Waldorf institutions that want to participate. Many beautiful ideas have already reached us on how schools want to celebrate, ranging from children’s activities to involving the city, to scientific or political colloquia. They unfold a wonderful bouquet of flowers in appreciation of what has already been accomplished and of the urgent tasks of our time, as well as the near future. What unites them all is the challenge of being aware of every single child and its individuality within a community, and how they can strengthen each other in practical life.


Our original idea - a central festival on each continent - has transformed because there will be so many congresses and other opportunities for encounters anyway. The plan is now to create a mutual celebration for the whole world, which will take place on 19th September in the beautiful Berlin “Tempodrom”-arena. (https://www.tempodrom.de/en/)

We are working really hard on the festival program in collaboration with the stage and event artist Rob Barendsma from the Netherlands. It is now clear that there will be three major sections through the day:

  • In the morning there will be a ceremony, which will mainly be conducted by children from Classes 1- 8. In many images and artistic scenes, Waldorf education will become an experience through its history, as a global impulse, and through all age groups in a way that touches the senses, hearts and minds of the audience deeply enough to inspire courage, confidence and joy for proceeding towards the second century of Waldorf education.

  • In the afternoon, there will be a number of smaller and larger events inside, as well as outside the building, including artistic performances as well as philosophical, scientific and political contributions, TED talks, public talks, theater, circus and whatever else has yet to come to our mind.

  • In the evening, the second part of the ceremony, which begins in the morning, will follow, and continue with contributions from high school students, alumni or (other) public figures.

For organizational (and many other) reasons, we will be planning the morning mainly with lower and middle school students from Berlin and the nearby region, while in the afternoon and evening as many high school students from other countries as possible will be present.


Since we cannot switch from one venue to another and the “Tempodrom” can hold only about 2,500 guests, there will be a livestream throughout the day (later also a cinematic summary of events) that can be received via the Internet. We would very much like to invite you - all over the world - to send us short video clips (about 30 seconds) in which your school, kindergarten or special people you are associated with send us greetings that we can show on 19th September at the Tempodrom and share via livestream with the world. These can be words, songs, dance or anything that comes to mind. (But please make sure that you get the consent of the children and/or their parents for this!)


Our task is to plan the whole day in such a way that something of the nature of our pedagogy, in its entirety, our worldwide cooperation, and our responsibility for the future of the children can be experienced. We are very grateful for hints on particularly interesting, beautiful, profound, masterly or humorous contributions, but of course, we must reserve the right to make a selection that fits into the overall picture.


You can find all the current information on our website https://www.waldorf-100.org/en/ - Spanish: https://www.waldorf-100.org/es - or German: https://www.waldorf-100.org

Steve Jobs once said: “Most importantly: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”


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