Quienes quieran educar a los demás, deben educarse a sí mismos. Quienes quieran influir en los jóvenes, deben mantenerse jóvenes y trabajar incesantemente en sí mismos.

Simon Gfeller, pedagogo y escriptor suizo (1868 - 1943)


Título: Whitsun Conference Kindergarten
Fecha de Inicio: 19.05.2018
Fecha de Finalización:  - 22.05.2018
Organizador: Vereinigung der Waldorfkindergärten Deutschland
Ubicación: Hannover, Germany

First Impressions Shape the Child Forever … A Living Awareness in Raising the Child – A Requirement in Today’s World



What can we as early childhood educators do for children in today’s world, shaped as it is by materialism and standardization? We invite you to join us in an exploration of the formation of habits of the soul from the young child’s fundamental subconscious mood, based on Rudolf Steiner’s 9th Lecture of The Study of Man.

In his 9th lecture, Rudolf Steiner speaks of “teaching artistically”. In this year’s conference, we are emphasizing the artistic, specifically preschool eurythmy, and would like to extend our invitation to all preschool educators, and especially to preschool eurythmy teachers.

Kjell-Johan Häggmark from the Association of Eurythmists joined us in preparation for this year’s conference to enhance our program specifically for preschool educators and eurythmy teachers. As a result, our program will be filled with workshops and forums aimed at preschool education and eurythmy! Our special guest on Whit Monday will be Professor Andrea Heidekorn from ALANUS University, who teaches eurythmy, and is currently working on a publication titled “Die Quelle des Lebens” (The Wellspring of Life). We are looking forward to her lecture, which will take place during The Contemporary Hour, followed by a discussion about the meaning of eurythmy in the future of early childhood education. Last year’s School of Spiritual Science’s discussion with Claus-Peter Röh was so stimulating to the entire conference that we have decided to integrate it into our program as a daily inspiration alongside the Offering Service. We are very much looking forward to this year’s discussion, titled “What Impulses Does a Child of Today Bring to Life? – How Can We Tell What They Are?”.

As in the previous years, we want to continue to learn how to attend to and work with traumatized children, and we are happy to announce that Dr. Michaela Glöckler will be offering such a seminar workshop this year. What would a conference be without time to relax in between? Time for conversation at the Cafe, for meeting new people and being inspired, for singing together around the fire and dancing, for retreating to the shores of lake Maschsee to contemplate and just be – come join us on the beautiful grounds of the Waldorf School at Lake Maschsee in Hannover, we look forward to it!

On behalf of the staff of the Whitsun Conference Team and in cooperation with the Pedagogical Section of the Goetheanum

Heartfelt greetings,

Dagmar Scharfenberg and Claus-Peter Röh

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