Quienes quieran educar a los demás, deben educarse a sí mismos. Quienes quieran influir en los jóvenes, deben mantenerse jóvenes y trabajar incesantemente en sí mismos.

Simon Gfeller, pedagogo y escriptor suizo (1868 - 1943)


Título: International Gymnastics Conference
Fecha de Inicio: 18.05.2018
Fecha de Finalización:  - 23.05.2018
Organizador: preparation group of gym teachers
Ubicación: Bad Nauheim, Germany

Welcome Gym teachers!


Possibilities of Strengthening the Social Structure Through Gym Class


The social element and health always moved along

During our whole life we are in movement. A life long we move our bodies and develop our personality in altercation with the outer and inner world. With respect to this situation we can ask ourselves, which moving environment and which inner movement processes can be helpful for this lifelong development.

As human beings we we are social from the start. Games and movement can play an essential part in maintaining this orientation throughout life.

Yet how can we encourage social sensitivity, respect and cooperation in class, or learn how to deal with frustration and rules?

Gym class offers a wide range of activities to arouse and form socio-emotional skills. 



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