¿Cuál es en realidad la cosa más intrínsecamente bella del mundo? Sin duda alguna, el ser humano que crece y se desarrolla.


Rudolf Steiner, Los valores humanos en la educación, Décima Conferencia


Título: Annual European Waldorf Parents Conference 2017
Fecha de Inicio: 05.05.2017
Fecha de Finalización:  - 07.05.2017
Organizador: European Network of Steiner Waldorf Parents (ENSWaP)
Ubicación: Ādaži Waldorf School, Latvia

Dear Waldorf Steiner friends!


We proudly announce the annual meeting of European Steiner Waldorfparents in Latvia, May 5-7, 2017.

We in Latvia hope very much you will accept our invitation to visit the Waldorf schools in Latvia.

We offer 2 hotels in the surroundings of the Waldorf school where the conference will take place. You can choose between the more democratic option, www.baltvilla.lv and the more luxurious option, www.porthotel.lv.

The transportation to school from both hotels will be provided everyday. Both the hotels are informed and will give a little discount if you mention WALDORF CONFERENCE. Notice, that this will only work if you book by email, not if you book via their website.

Useful tips, such as how to get to the hotels from airport etc., will be send to those of you who have registered at a later date.

Again, you can find the program and the online registration at our website www.enswap.org.

A parallel program for youngsters will be prepared, so your teenagers are also welcome!

Dear friends, we would be very very grateful if you could registerbefore the END OF MARCH, 2017! It will help a lot, allowing us to organize the conference according to the highest standards.

If you have any questions concerning the conference, please, do not hesitate to ask them!



Anita Legzdiņa, Coordinator, European Network of Steiner Waldorf Parents (ENSWaP)



5th May – Friday

15:00Arrival and registration of participants at the Ādaži Waldorf School
16:00Welcome and opening of the conference
Small concert from the Latvian Waldorf Chorus of parents & friends
16:30Presentation about Waldorf Education in Latvia
The status of Waldorf education in Latvia, parents’ work in supporting teachers/school.
17:15Coffee break, snacks
Presented by Christopher Clouder – Educator, lecturer, writer, founder of ECSWE
18:00Being on a par with each other
Presented by Ellen Niemann – representative of Waldorf parents
The challenge of approaching cooperation in education

The challenge of cooperation between parents and teachers in Waldorf schools
Presented by Ahmed Abdel-Karim – former Waldorf parent (Germany)


6th May – Saturday

09:00Morning welcome
Tour of the school, including the new buildings, followed by singing/eurythmy.
10:00Report on outcomes of the meeting with ECSWE in January, 2017.
Presented by Hilde Lengali (Norway) and Márti Domokos (Hungary)
11:00Coffee, snacks
11:30Sharing information about the cooperation experience among the school Parent Association, the National Parent Federation and the Waldorf Education Federation in Norway
Presented by Hilde Lengali (Norway)

Building Teacher-Parent realtionships
Presented by Márti Domokos (Hungary) and Mariam Francq (France)

14:30Transfer to Riga Waldorf School via Riga
16:00Tour in Riga Waldorf School
17:00The importance of teachers and parents ”being on the same wave length”
Presented by Māra Svilāne – Director of Riga Waldorf School
Sharing and supporting the same values and life principles, building bridges between the school and the families.
18:00Discussion, questions
Coffee, snacks
18:30Transfer back to Ādaži
If time limit permits, we can visit the newest Waldorf School in Riga, which is in its 2nd year of operation.

7th May – Sunday

09:00Morning welcome
10:00Building bridges into society after life in a Waldorf school
Presented by Latvian Waldorf schoolchildren and alumni
11:00Coffee, snacks
11:30How we build bridges
Presentation from the participating countries on the specific topic: “How we build bridges”.
Each representative is allocated 8-10 minutes.
Each country should be ready to talk about specific ways they are building bridges between the school, community, parents, students and society.
13:00Discussion, questions
14:30Summary of conference, comments
15:30Closing of the conference, next year conference.

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