¿Cuál es en realidad la cosa más intrínsecamente bella del mundo? Sin duda alguna, el ser humano que crece y se desarrolla.


Rudolf Steiner, Los valores humanos en la educación, Décima Conferencia


Título: Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference
Fecha de Inicio: 28.04.2017
Fecha de Finalización:  - 05.05.2017
Organizador: Chengdu Waldorf School and Friends of Waldorf Education
Ubicación: Emeishan Grand Hotel, Sichuan, China


More information: http://awtc.mymova.com


The 7th Asian Waldorf Teachers' Conference(AWTC) will be held from April 28th to May 5th 2017 on the foot of beautiful Emei mountain. The theme of this conference is “Cultural identity and individualization in educational practice”. Every Waldorf teacher will benefit from this.


In the past 100 years, Waldorf education, that originates from Europe, has spread all over the world and has grown rapidly in Asia in the past 20 years. The ever-growing Waldorf schools are contributing to societies which includes India, Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal with strong religious background as well as in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Chinese-speaking places. 


AWTC offers an opportunity for Asian teachers gathering to share and study together. Let us explore the cultural identity and individualization in educational practice; meanwhile, exploring how to help children in their individual development along with their culture identity.


Every morning, Mr. Christof Wiechert, the well-known Waldorf education specialist, and one of the responsible persons of the Educational Department of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, will give a keynote speech. This is his 7th time at AWTC. He will lead us in further studies of child development and educational practice.


The main points of his speeches are as following:

1. Little children are great Teachers.

2. Empathic attention and dialogue is basic nourishment for every child.

3. The Teachers Profession and continuous Renewal; the Art of Education.

4. About the Curriculum; its essence and its flexibility.

5. The Changes in Constitution in Students towards Middle school and High school.

6. The Changes in Attitude of the Teachers body towards Middle school and High school.

7. The School body as a health giving Organism for Children, Parents and Teachers.


There will be workshops held by all tutors that will explore and share the teaching practices and art activities in many fields. Then there will be forums in the afternoon to discuss the general phenomenon and problems in Asian Waldorf educational practice.


In addition, there will be many wonderful performances in the evening during these days, such as the concert and Beijing opera given by the current Waldorf school students, drama by Waldorf community and Eurythmy.


We believe that the 7th AWTC will be an unique and inspiring gift to all teachers who are practicing Waldorf education. We believe that we will get nourished by the sacred and beautiful surrounding of Emei mountain. We also believe that we can support and encourage each other during the meeting for our common development.


Registration: http://awtc.mymova.com/getTicketInfo



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