Das Größte, was man vorbereiten kann in dem Kinde, das ist, daß es im rechten Momente des Lebens durch das Verstehen seiner selbst zu dem Erleben der Freiheit kommt.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)


Titel: RSUC Master Programme
Startdatum: 01.08.2020
Organisator: Rudolf Steiner University College Norway
Ort: Rudolf Steiner University College Norway


Consider taking a master degree in Waldorf Education 

RSUC Master Programme

Are you seeking updated knowledge, inspiration and tools for developing yourself as an educator?

Consider taking a master degree in Waldorf Education.

In this master programme, you will deepen and expand your knowledge, skills and competence by accomplishing your own educational research project. On completion of the programme, you will receive an internationally recognised M.Ed. master degree (120 ECTS).

Choose between two parallel study options:

  • Educational Research Nature
  • Ecology and Sustainability

Students and lecturers spend ten weeks together on five course sessions, taking place largely at Vidaråsen Camphill Village, south of Tønsberg. The location’s beautiful natural setting and cultural community, into which students are invited, provide a peaceful frame for the concentrated study during the course sessions. Most students combine work and studies. Both degrees will share a significant amount of readings and teaching, especially those that concern educational theory and research methods. Parts of the readings and activities will differ, though, to give students of each study option ample opportunity to cultivate and deepen their areas of interest  In Norway, higher education is relatively less expensive for international students. Living abroad, you could come to each of the five modules in Norway, and do the main part of the studying from home. Students living in Europe, but also in India, Kenya and Australia, for example, have already done this. The international community of students, usually coming from several countries/continents, is creating an atmosphere of shared academic enthusiasm, friendship and global togetherness. 


Application deadline: 15th of April 


The RSUC Master Programme was founded in 2005, and aims at developing and furthering the transformative, sustainable and caring aspects of education, including Waldorf pedagogy.

RSUC master students perform self-chosen research projects in line with their interests and experience. This ranges from developing one's own teaching skills or subject knowledge, going into any topic within sustainable education, to partaking in institutional development, or dealing with the overarching philosophical aspects of education. We believe that educational research is a tool for empowerment and renewal on both a personal and societal level. It enables practitioners to reflect on their experiences, give fresh life to professional activities and facilitate further work options.

Applicants must have two years of educational practice, in addition to a training on a level equivalent to a bachelor degree.


All instruction and discussions are held in English, while written assignments and the master thesis can be delivered in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German or English.

Read more on https://www.steinerhoyskolen.no/studietilbud/master/

Rudolf Steiner University College, Professor Dahls gate 30, 0260 Oslo, phone: +47 22 54 05 90,

e-mail, programme director: morten.stene(at)steinerhoyskolen.no

e-mail, study counsellor:  master(at)rshoyskolen.no 

The RSUC Master Programme is oriented towards research and development. It is not a teacher training and will not provide you with a professional teaching qualification.

RSUC Master Programme
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