Das Größte, was man vorbereiten kann in dem Kinde, das ist, daß es im rechten Momente des Lebens durch das Verstehen seiner selbst zu dem Erleben der Freiheit kommt.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)


Titel: English Week
Startdatum: 30.10.2016
Enddatum:  - 04.11.2016
Organisator: Peter Lutzker, Silvia Albert-Jahn, Doris Schlott, Martyn Rawson, Christoph Jaffke


International English Week

Sunday afternoon 30th October to Friday morning 4th November 2016


Finding Inspiration in Teaching and Learning: Anthroposophy as a 'Living Practice'


Haus Altenberg, Odenthal near Cologne, Germany


Come along and enjoy a week of workshops, drama, poetry, clowing, music, folk dance, lectures, discussions and friendship.


Programme PDF


Spring is now here to stay, which means that the time has come to invite you to the from Sunday, October 30th – Friday, November 4th , 2016 in beautiful, historic Haus AltenbergThis will be a very special conference and we have a great programme planned to celebrate the official founding of the English Week Association. For those of you who don't know anything about the concept of the English Week, here is a brief description of what you can expect. 


The idea of an English Week is based on our conviction that intensive artistic work with actors, directors, story-tellers, poets and clowns, can be of immeasurable benefit for foreign language teachers. Thus, we view the daily three-hour artistic workshops as the keystone of the entire English Week concept. In addition, there will be morning lectures based on the general conference theme and there will also be a wide variety of working groups addressing different methodological issues and questions, as well as a 'Marketplace' offering an exchange of materials and ideas. The evenings will be full of the "Spirit of English" in the forms of songs, dances and artistic presentations. Another aspect that is important to us is to encourage an open exchange with leading authorities in foreign language teaching outside of Waldorf circles and we are very fortunate to have Prof. Alan Maley, one of the world's most renowned authorities on English language teaching joining us for our conference. 


The theme of this year’s conference will be 

Finding Inspiration in Language Teaching and Learning: Anthroposophy as a ´Living Practice´ 


Our particular focus in this conference will be on exploring connections between a 'living practice' of Anthroposophy and the concrete realities and challenges that we face every day in our schools. Rudolf Steiner's understanding of the role of Anthroposophy in Waldorf Education was not as the theory 'behind' the actual educational practice, but as fundamental to the art of teaching itself. This clearly implies an approach to Anthroposophy that goes past an intellectual understanding and which involves not only our thoughts but our feelings and wills, for it is only when these dimensions are also engaged that such processes can become embodied and transformative. It is at this point that Anthroposophy becomes a 'living practice' and shapes our relations to our students, our colleagues, and to ourselves. This does not necessarily lead to dramatic events, it can also occur subtly, or almost invisibly, often in the form of what Steiner called the 'imponderables' in teaching. At the same time, such transformations can have far-reaching consequences insofar as they affect something very fundamental in ourselves and in others. This is perhaps similar to what Rilke refers to when he writes: 


Das Große einsehen und gelten lassen, ist nur eine Einsicht ... Es anwenden im Menschlichen ist eine Weisheit und ein äußerster Erfolg; aber aller Aufgaben Aufgabe ist, Geringes in Großes umzuwandeln, Unscheinbares in Scheinendes; ein Stäubchen so zu zeigen, dass man es im Ganzen gehalten sieht; dass man es nicht sehen kann, ohne zugleich alle Sterne zu sehen und der Himmel tiefen Zusammenhang, in den es innig mit hineingehört. 


[To recognize and accept what is momentous is no more than an insight … To practise it in a human context is wise and a tremendous accomplishment; but the true task of tasks is to transform the insignificant 

into the momentous, what is not seen into the radiant, to show a speck of dust so that one can see it as part of the Whole,; that one cannot see it without also seeing it in its intimate connection to all the stars and the heavens.] 


Or as William Blake wrote: 


To see a world in a Grain of Sand 

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, 

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour. Or as William Blake wrote: To see a world in a Grain of Sand 

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, 

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour. 


What could it mean to us as language teachers to be inspired to transform that which might seem insignificant into something deeply meaningful, to transform what was formerly unnoticeable into something radiant, to make connections between the particular and those human and cosmic dimensions which are always present, but so seldom perceived? In what respects can Anthroposophy offer us concrete possibilities of being able to achieve such seemingly utopian ideals? What does its study and practice in this context call for in our relations to our pupils and colleagues, to our subject, and in the context of our daily lives? 


The lectures and courses of the English Week 2016 will attempt to address these different questions. Parallel to this, it is also our deep-seated conviction that it is exactly the artistic workshops, which constitute the ‘heart’ of each English Weekwhich offer teachers unique chances to go substantially further in developing both the entire range of their perceptual capabilities, as well as a higher degree of self-awareness; all within a highly supportive environment full of warmth, humour and trust. 


The entire English Week Team 2016 will naturally be 

a great help in enabling us to realize such goals and ideals. We are delighted to have Sarah Kane one of the leading Chekov drama specialists in Europe and the U.S.A with us. We are very happy that two very appreciated colleagues Catherine Bryden and Erhard Dahl will also be there. Paul Matthews, England's leading specialist for creative writing, will be present and Anne Ayre will be there to miraculously create the English Week Choir and create the evening English Week Choir and bring a varied repertoire of songs to aid our classroom activities in her workshops.. Norman Skillen from South Africa, one of our co-founders, will also be able to join us. We’re delighted that Ivone Grene, one of Denmark’s most experienced and successful English language teachers will also be offering courses. Susan Wehner from Hamburg, Mario Radisic from Haan-Gruiten and Beate Langer from Stuttgart will all be giving courses. We also have three very special guests: Prof Alan Maley, unquestionably one of the world’s leading experts in the field, the author of over 30 stimulating books on teaching English creatively and dramatically, will be joining us this year. Another old friend who will be with us for the occasion is Andrew Wolpert, formerly of Emerson College and in recent years at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart. Finally, we have been able to get Florian Osswald the co-leader of the Pedagogical Section in Dornach to join us. And naturally, Silvia Albert-Jahn (Mülheim), Christoph Jaffke (Stuttgart), Doris Schlott (Frankfurt), Peter Lutzker (Stuttgart), Duncan Macintosh (Forest Row/GB), Robert McNeer (Ostuni, Italy), Martyn Rawson (Elmshorn), Ulrike Sievers (Elmshorn), Alec Templeton (Basel), and Tessa Westlake (Bochum)


We will offer 

an open ‘Market Place', designed to facilitate the exchange of teaching materials and ideas for all grade levels. This space is intended to enable teachers to directly offer and explain resource material and ideas they have developed. Thus, please bring copies to exhibit and share; examples of students’ work, and/or books you wish to recommend. 


We are very glad to be in the fully renovated facilities of Haus Altenberg. Whereas the rooms will be brand-new, that beautiful old Gothic cathedral in the courtyard is still standing there and for those of you who don’t know it and the immediate area, it’s a wonderful place to spend what will certainly be an inspiring week. 

The amount of places (especially rooms with private facilities) is limited, so we strongly suggest that you register soon. 

See you in Altenberg! 

Peter Lutzker, Silvia Albert-Jahn, Doris Schlott, Martyn Rawson, Christoph Jaffke 


For detailed information please send an email to Doris (englishweek(at)t-online.de). 

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