The most important thing for which we can prepare a child is the experience of freedom, at the right moment in life, through the understanding of one's own being.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

World Teachers' Conference, 2016, Overcoming resistance, Claus-Peter Röh, Stefan Sigler, Constanza Kaliks, Christof Wiechert, Michal BenShalom, Florian Osswald
By: Waldorf Resources, August 2016,

Overcoming Resistance

In the new Midsummer Journal of the Pedagogical Section you'll find summaries of the lectures given at the World Teachers' Conference 2016 on the topic of "Overcoming Resistance" by Claus-Peter Röh, Stefan Sigler, Constanza Kaliks, Christof Wiechert, Michal BenShalom and Florian Osswald.

Over 800 colleagues from 46 different countries spanning all the continents came to Dornach either to contribute or participate. It was a week of encountering one another, of exchange, of learning, of looking towards the future, of facing up together to the realities of our time, and of art.


This edition of the journal focuses on the lectures given at the recent conference. All the morning speakers have now edited their contributions. They are published in English and in German on the webpage of the Pedagogical Section.


Link to the conference papers:


Resistance as the origin of pedagogical initiative
by Claus-Peter Röh


Teaching in the Interplay between Power and Freedom
by Stephan Sigler


The Value of Learning to Know – The Challenge to Education in a Digital Society
by Constanza Kaliks


Between Rigidity and Arbitrariness
by Christof Wiechert


Upstream – a Journey Toward Authenticity
by Michal Ben Shalom


Courage, Initiative and the New We
by Florian Osswald

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